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AABA will offer various programs to help cultivate student interest in the law for youth, including programs aimed at youth in grades K-12 and students considering applying to law school.  AABA is committed to the recruitment and retention of individuals of Arab decent in law schools.  In order to achieve this goal, AABA will also offer assistance to students in preparing for the LSAT, the law school admissions process, and preparation for law school.  AABA will also offer programs for current law students to foster their understanding of the law and their ability to successfully earn their law degrees.  AABA will also offer various scholarships for both LSAT preparation, law school tuition assistance, and public interest fellowships to those who demonstrate financial need.  If you are interested in supporting any of AABA's various programs, please visit the "Support AABA" page to learn more about how you can participate in ensuring the success of our students.

Pre-Law Institute (PLI)

Thinking about law school?  AABA will help you with everything from the LSAT to your first day in law school.  AABA has partnered with an exceptional LSAT prep course that will provide you with the tools you need to become a competitive applicant in the law school application process.  Additionally, AABA will provide a law school orientation program prior to starting law school to help you assess your learning style, give you an introduction to legal analysis and writing, and develop a customized plan to help you prepare for your first day and your journey moving forward.  In addition, students have the option to participate in a program that connects PLI students with law students and attorneys who are willing to serve as mentors to help ensure you have the support you need to succeed in law school and beyond.

AABA Mentoring Program

AABA has recruited law students and attorneys to serve as mentors to pre-law/law students and new attorneys.  AABA will pair individuals with mentors who will offer students guidance and advice to increase as tudent/attorney's likelihood of success in the legal field.

AABA Internship Placement Program

AABA has recruited attorneys and judges who have graciously agreed to take on interns.  AABA will match students with employers and will require the submission of a reflection paper upon the termination of the internship as well as the submission of an intern evaluation sheet to provide constructive feedback to students on their performance.  Internship semesters include fall, winter, spring, and summer placements.  Placements will depend on the needs of participating employers.

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