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Below, please find a list of current internships.  Interested students should apply directly to the employer. 

Department of Labor (New York, NY)
Immigrant Policy & Affairs - Summer Intern (paid)
Job ID# 101074 


The Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs (DIPA) works inside and outside the Department of Labor to serve the needs of immigrants. We make sure our services and programs are available to everyone, including people with limited English proficiency. DIPA teaches immigrant communities about their workplace rights, agency services and programs. DIPA coordinates Department of Labor's anti-human trafficking efforts by receiving and investigating tips, providing referrals and conducting community outreach and education. Interns will assist attorneys with legal research assignments, investigations and will draft memoranda dealing with the intrepretation of the Labor and Immigration Law, Anti-Human Trafficking Statutes, federal and state jurisdiction in enforcing labor laws, and/or other labor-immigration related issues that may arise.

This is a PAID summer internship.  The department is seeking a 2L/3L who can dedicated at least 30 hours a week.  Desired qualities: self-starter; strong research and writing skills; strong work ethic; detail oriented and well organized.  Preferred: students with background in agricultural studies, criminal justice/homeland security, cultural Studies, human services, or legal studies. 

Job listing available at:

You must "sign into the internship portal" to apply.  Follow the link and register.  Make sure to indicate the proper ID number for the job listing (see title above).   

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