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The purposes of the Arab American Bar Association shall be to:
  1. Cultivate the science of jurisprudence‬
  2. ‪Preserve and promote high standards of integrity, honor, professional ethics, and courtesy in the legal profession‬
  3. ‪Promote and enhance diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, including the advancement of Arab American attorneys in all sectors of the law‬
  4. ‪Assist in the recruitment and retention of Arab Americans in law schools and provide students with mentoring, scholarships, and other assistance‬
  5. ‪Partner with other bar associations, governmental agencies, and community groups to foster greater participation in the legal system by the Arab American community‬
  6. ‪Safeguard and advance the civil rights of the Arab American community and to empower the community to fully participate in American society through public education and outreach‬
  7. ‪Encourage the adoption of proper legislation and promote reforms in the law‬
  8. ‪Promote human rights and support general humanitarian activities‬
  9. ‪Promote and participate in pro bono legal services, and support public interest work and social justice initiatives to benefit disempowered, underrepresented, and marginalized members of society‬
  10. ‪Participate in judicial screenings and committees to ensure fairness and diversity in judicial appointments‬
  11. ‪Provide a unique platform for professional development and networking‬
  12. ‪Promote the exchange of information between lawyers and legal associations in all areas of law and public interest‬
  13. ‪Support, promote, and conduct professional and educational activities for Association members and members of the Arab American community and the community at large‬
  14. ‪Provide a forum for Arab American attorneys, other members of the legal profession, and the community at large to become aware of the needs, concerns, goals, culture and achievements of Arab Americans‬
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