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Membership for attorneys admitted to practice law in any state.

Law Student/JD

Membership for law students and law graduates.


Membership for individuals who are not admitted attorneys, law students or law graduates, but who support AABA's mission, causes, and members.

AABA is growing daily.  Membership fees are suspended until further notice.  Membership is open to all entities sharing in our goals, regardless of ancestry, race, color, or creed. 


To join AABA, please send an email of interest to, including:

1)    Name:

·        First and Last Name

2)    Membership Category:

·        Esq. – Please provide year of admission and department/court (if applicable)

·        Law Student/JD – Please provide law school and current year/year graduated

·        Allies – Please indicate whether individual or business and county

3)    Title:

·        Company/Organization and Position Title, if applicable

4)    Contact Information:

·        Email

·        Phone Number

5)    Donate/Volunteer: 

·        If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please indicate amount of anticipated financial contribution and/or whether you would like to volunteer as a mentor, to serve in the internship placement program, a CLE/Workshop/Training instructor, or any other type of support you may be able to offer.  

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