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​Donations to AABA Fund, Inc. are tax-deductible!

Please make checks payable to "Arab American Bar Association Fund, Inc." (include in the memo the purpose of the donation--i.e. for LSAT scholarship, law school scholarship, or public interest fellowship) and mailed to: Arab American Bar Association Fund, Inc., , 6822 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11220 (please include your email address on the check also).
AABA Fund thanks you for your support.
Pre-Law Institute Scholarship


AABA is fortunate to have the support of an excellent LSAT preparation program (to be announced upon AABA's launch).  The LSAT program offers comprehensive preparation for the LSAT at low to no cost.  In addition to assistance with LSAT preparation, AABA will assist students with the law school application process, will provide legal orientation to law school, and will provide mentoring for students so that students are prepared to face the challenges of law school.


To apply for an LSAT Scholarship, please check our "Events" page.   

Law School Scholarship


Students demonstrating a strong academic record and financial need may be eligible for tuition assistance in the form of scholarships to be paid to the law school in which they are enrolled. 


Public Interest Fellowship

AABA is specifically interested in encouraging law students to seek careers in public interest law.  AABA intends to offer scholarships to support students engaged in public interest internships who are not receiving monetary compensation by the organization offering the internship. 

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